Grid Connected Solar Systems

grid connected solar

Solar Electricity

Your own mini power station

Solar Electric panels generate electricity using the photovoltaic (PV) effect. The solar panels are fitted to your roof and convert light into electricity. This electricity is fed through an inverter directly to the house or through a meter directly into the grid.

When you use electricity you are using solar generated power or power from the grid if the solar energy is insufficient. If you are using little or no electricity, your solar system is feeding electricity back into the grid and the electric company buys that power from you. In effect, your home becomes a mini power station generating electricity and selling it to the grid for use by you or your neighbours. If you consistently generate more electricity than you use, the electricity company will pay you for the excess.

The Benefits

* Clean, free, electricity from the sun
* No greenhouse gas emissions
* Reduced or eliminated electricity bills
* Protection against rising electricity costs
* Silent operation with no moving parts
* Easy, quick installation by licensed, accredited electricians
* Increased value of your home or business
* Long warranties, long life
* Solar Credits available (subject to approved applications/specifications)
* Reduces your carbon footprint

Mannix were fantastic. The installation just looks like its done right. We went for the LG products and the result is great. Actually dont mind getting our power bill.

Cath 2.

Kensington Park

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